We are not alone

We all need a helping hand at various stages in life, and often just accepting that help can be a hurdle in itself.  It represents a vulnerability in each of us that we’d rather not reveal.

Teamwork at its best is performed subconsciously – a seamless dance between two or more of us where needs are fulfilled and outcomes are met.  Mutually satisfying it can make us stronger, and leave us empowered as individuals, ideally rendering us capable of sharing our wisdom with the wider world.

When we’re young we have no problem believing ourselves to be invincible.  Yet to encounter the life experience that will teach us otherwise, anything seems possible.  But not being able to ‘do it all’ is OK.   More than OK, it’s a great relief if we choose to see it as such.

Ironically our networks of contacts have never been bigger.  Between our various social media accounts, we are virtually in touch with more people we ever thought possible.  But these virtual connections are just that – they lack the realism of face to face interaction where the real work is done, together, and not alone, at home, behind a blue screen.

I’ve recently ended a three-year diploma course in Nutritional Therapy during which time I connected frequently with like-minded people – a mixed bag ranging from working mums to single students, we were all together in our dedication to enhance ours and other lives with the study and clinical practice of nutritional therapy.  Now qualified and free of the lectures and clinic assessments, I’m missing those connections and friends I’ve made along the way, and fully realise the value they’ve added to my life experience.

I’ve started this site not just to stay connected to those on a similar path, but also to share information, education, support and the tools to enhance our wellbeing no matter which life stage we’re at.

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