It’s Vitamin D Day!

Vitamin D deficiency is a worldwide problem.  Given that our greatest source is our exposure to sunlight, as a population we are now, more than ever, living an indoor lifestyle, avoiding the sun daily. As we head into winter, it becomes even more important to keep your levels in check.

Since we’ve lost the daylight saving hour, leaving home in the dark to go to work, only to return home later, also in the dark, shows to highlight how little sunshine we let ourselves soak up during this time of year.

So what can we do during the long winter months to correct this imbalance?  Well food sources of Vitamin D are few and far between.  At the top of the list are oily fish, in particular sardines, salmon and tuna (preferably the wild varieties).  What’s more, food sources of vitamin D need to be absorbed with the help of healthy fats, so make sure you include nuts, seeds, and avocados on your shopping list.  In addition, reach for a good quality supplemental dose of the D3 variety.

If you think your Vitamin D levels may be low, go to your GP for a simple test, and in the meantime, get out there and absorb as much sunshine as the cold will allow!

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